Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's Going On?

I just watched a special on Marvin Gaye. Phenomenal. Why has everyone been keeping this a this from me? Great beard, great voice, great drug addiction, great googly moogly dad what are you doing with that gun? If I do not own three Marvin Gaye albums by the end of the week, never speak to me again - anthologies are bald ass cheating.

This weekend I have plans to buy a new suit (no seer, just a sucker) and get some resolve - not the hardworking stain remover. I also have plans to run at seven apres midi on Saturday morning and to be confirmation sponsor of some note/relevance.

Those of you keeping score (and I know you are), that's three Marvin Gaye albums, one suit, one morning run, one solid confirmation sponsor performance and a character trait. Check back, I'll be here.

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