Saturday, January 15, 2011


On the train this morning a gray haired lady in the seat across the aisle from me pulled what was certainly a Werther's Original out of her purse and popped it into her mouth, which got me to thinking: What is it with old people and hard candy? Is it patience? I think it is the patience to suck and not bite, and the ability to identify the fact that little things like sweet candy matter. Would you rather just ride the train or would you like to ride the train with candy that implies gooey, scrumptious butterscotch? Right, me too - but a mid-thirty guy with a pocket full of Werther's sounds prurient and off-balance.

I hope I make it long enough to carry hard candy without guilt, I hope I am sane enough to recognize the very moment when that happens, and I hope I am cool enough to celebrate it.

Conclusion: When it comes to hard candy, youth is not king.

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