Monday, January 17, 2011


On the train this morning I saw a good friend that I have not seen in a few months. We took a writing class together once, we get along, we respect each other, and so, when I asked her to recommend a therapist, I had no qualms about saying: "I am not sure that a chick therapist would be good for me. I would try to get her to like me." It is a sign of her quality that it took her a second to see the baseness in my character, her response: "Of course she will like you, you pay them money to like you." Pause. "Oh, you mean like you like you, I see."

When did I become so shockingly mature? No longer denying faults, but identifying them and adapting the situation to give me the best shot at getting through the day. Very grown up, very savoir faire. The other thing I like, finding strength in a conversation that is all about weakness (strength= finding honesty on the train. weakness = the inability to cope without help). Holly and I have talked about this before, we'll see just how strong I am - strong enough to do anything about it?

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